A career in sustainability

Green Global Solutions Aotearoa is committed to people and the planet. We provide contractor opportunities for sustainability professionals who are passionate, innovative and want to make a difference in implementing initiatives.

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Make a difference

We help our people grow and flourish and we provide hands-on support so that they give their best to our clients.

Our company values shown below, describe us and how we operate. If this sounds like you and you have the right skills, contact us now using our careers enquiry form.

Value 1: Synergy

As a team of like-minded experts, we collaborate with organisations to add value. Our one team approach mixes complementary skills and expertise to form a strong alliance with our clients. The combined effect is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning we’re stronger together.

Value 2: Balance

Like the environment around us, we’re a finely balanced system – a community of interdependent people. We’re business-minded too. Businesses are a balancing act, so we find ways for our clients to create profit sustainably – the triple bottom line. We offer the perfect blend of skills: data, research, science, finance, consulting, auditing, environmental, engineering, ethics, sociology and more. As our name suggests, we have a global outlook mixed with local knowledge, including kaitiaki principles of guardianship

Value 3: Integrity

We’re in business for the greater good, so we apply an independent, evidence-based approach and always remain objective and honest. Our dependable and principled side means we always deliver on what we promise. This in turn builds our credible reputation. Our ethics and conscience demand that we conduct business with a do-no-harm attitude.

Value 4: Active

The world is at stake, so why stand still? We’re a passionate and industrious bunch that drive systematic change for the better. We’re not pen-pushers – we’re doers who enjoy rolling up our sleeves to get totally immersed in our client’s businesses. We don’t just consult and advise, we dive deeper and promote action by creating practical tools and solutions.